advisory firm focused on Italian SMEs, is incorporated

  • Independent corporate advisory firm dedicated to supporting the growth strategies of Italian SMEs and helping institutional investors in private capital investments initiatives
  • Promoted by the management team, Anteos counts on the presence of institutional investors among its shareholders


Turin, 24th February 2021 – Incorporation of Anteos Capital Advisors S.p.A.: an independent firm providing advisory services to Italian SME entrepreneurs, managers, and institutional investors. We enable our partners to strengthen their organisations, to implement their growth strategies, and to leverage private capital markets. Anteos employs a pan-European focus, bridging the real economy and the capital markets for our clients.

Anteos is Management Owned, providing dynamic leadership reinforced by the experience of prestigious institutional partners and shareholders, such as Banco Azzoaglio and Incanto. With offices in Turin and Milan, Anteos is perfectly placed to serve our clients in areas of Corporate Finance (debt and equity), Investment Advisory, and Special Projects. Anteos offers bespoke Corporate Finance solutions, and Investment Advisory services to investment firms dedicated to the real economy, providing our clients robust, and creative solutions to succeed in the modern market and thrive upon the fintech disruption.

Running a clear and diversified business model combining independence, innovation and access to the private capital market, Anteos utilizes its deep knowledge of the financial markets to provide qualified services to institutional investors with a specific focus on Italian SMEs. Anteos arrives at the ideal time, with structured corporate finance solutions and private capital recognized as essential tools for Italian companies to secure sustainable growth in the domestic and pan-European markets.

Anteos relies on a diverse team specialized in corporate finance and private capital investments, with proven vision and expertise that has supported over 50 mini bond issues (for a total value of >€500M) in the past ten years alone, as well as and numerous IPO, M&A and private equity transactions.

The board of directors is composed of five members: Lodovico Simone, who will serve as chairman of the board, Mario Bottero, managing director, and the board members Alberto Franco, Erica Azzoaglio and Simone Azzoaglio. The members of the audit board are Elena Cabutti (chairman), Luca Arese, Manuela Ramona Fozzi.

Anteos Capital Advisors has started the accreditation procedure with the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana S.p.A.) to operate as fixed-income listing sponsor and is an ELITE partner.

Mario Bottero, managing director of Anteos Capital Advisors, commented: “This ambitious project has roots in the Italian North West but has a pan-European approach that can create a bridge between capitalmarkets and the real economy. Independent business decision-making and entrepreneurial spirit are the
essential drives of our growth plans and long term ambitions. The strategy adopted by Anteos is clear: we will work alongside our partners to become the leading Italian independent player for Italian SMEs.

A close-knit team of finance professionals is actively participating in this new venture. Thanks to our solid efforts, and shared values, we are certain that Anteos will be widely appreciated by entrepreneurs, managers and investors. It is with great confidence that today we can start this new chapter, establishing an ambitious advisory firm that will help drive economic growth”.

Lodovico Simone, chairman of Anteos Capital Advisors, remarked: “I wish to thank our prestigious shareholders who have believed in our project from the very beginning. We will focus on long-term strategies, reflecting the ethical, reputation and sustainability principles that have always characterised the modus operandi of our team”.

About Anteos

Anteos Capital Advisors S.p.A. is an independent firm that provides advisory services to Italian SME entrepreneurs,
managers, and institutional investors. We empower our partners to strengthen their organisations, implement growth strategies, and leverage private capital markets. Anteos focuses on a pan-European approach, bridging the real economy and the capital markets for our clients.

Anteos Capital Advisors S.p.A. 
Phone: +39 02 8717 7082

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